Why Do Women Go Through Menopause?

Menopause is a transition that all women will experience. This stage of our life occurs because our bodies slowly stop producing the hormones that supposedly keep us looking young and luscious. These hormones are our protectors so to speak. They look after all our vital organs and are meant to keep us on an even keel, physically and mentally. So when our hormones become unbalanced or production of them ends, then our bodies react causing such symptoms as PMS, headaches, bloating, depression, anxiety insomnia, constipation and many many more symptoms that turn our world upside-down leaving us feeling disorientated, and this is just once a month when we get out periods. So try to imagine what it is like 24/7 when your hormones are spiking erratically and that is Menopause. It’s as if you have constant PMS with about 70 other symptoms thrown into the mix. Menopause is an often-debilitating time of life that statistically, apparently 60-70% of women will suffer from, with seemingly no end in sight, day in – day out.

Menopause can and will affect every aspect of our lives, that is, unless women are educated about Menopause as well as the health professionals who are supposedly looking after us. When this happens, then women will know exactly what they are in for. Be able to prepare for Menopause and have the knowledge to ask their health professionals for the information that they will need, so that Menopause is not a complete shock and that women receive the correct information and if required medication.

But, to answer the question “What is Menopause?”, the short answer is “nobody knows.” We here at the MRCW have some ideas and speculations, but right now they’re just educated guesses.

The MRCW – We’re Here to Help
Menopause can be an extremely confronting and confusing time not only for women, but also for the people who care about them. It hasn’t been easy to find simple to understand, straightforward and comprehensive information about Menopause all in one place – until now. At the Menopause Resource Centre, we work really hard to make things easier for you, so that hopefully, in a relatively short period of time, you can know more about your options, so that you can be informed and feel more empowered.
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