Why Do Women Gain Weight in Menopause?

There are many theories as to why women gain weight when they start Menopause. Some theories are that a woman’s appetite increases, others are that a woman’s metabolism slows down. Other theories, which I think are more correct, suggest that it is changes in the levels of The Big Three Hormones – Progesterone, Testosterone and Estrogen. Hormones control practically all aspects of our bodies, so when our hormones are unbalanced, then so are we. When a woman begins Menopause, her body starts to slow down the production of The Big Three hormones that she has relied on previously to keep her in good health. During Menopause these hormone levels are erratic and uneven causing a woman to suffer up to 70 known symptoms with weight gaiMenopause-Weight-Gainn being one of them. From my research, I believe that 80 to 90% of Menopausal women are Estrogen dominant. Estrogen dominant women tend to have more issues with weight gain than women who are Progesterone dominant.

Estrogen encourages the formation of fat and fat cells produce even more Estrogen creating a vicious circle of weight gain. Personally, and from women that I have spoken to who have had their hormonal profiles tested, all have gained weight when they are Estrogen dominant. These women have, like me, struggled unsuccessfully to lose this weight. Weight gain can be devastating for women, especially when we are also struggling with all the other symptoms of Menopause and the challenges of life in general. Another hormone that plays a significant part in weight gain for women when going through Menopause is Testosterone, and the loss of this hormone can have a huge impact on weight gain as well. At the MRCW we help you come up with a weight management strategy that’s right for you. We can give you the tools to turn this weight gain to weight loss.

The MRCW – We’re Here to Help
Menopause can be an extremely confronting and confusing time not only for women, but also for the people who care about them. It hasn’t been easy to find simple to understand, straightforward and comprehensive information about Menopause all in one place – until now. At the Menopause Resource Centre, we work really hard to make things easier for you, so that hopefully, in a relatively short period of time, you can know more about your options, so that you can be informed and feel more empowered.
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