Why Do Women need Community Support Groups?

Women who are suffering from Menopause and also are starting Menopause need as much support as they can get. At the last count there are over 70 symptoms of Menopause and the majority of women will suffer from many of these at some stage of Menopause.

Given all of this then it is not too difficult to understand why women will need, not only support services, but a community based support system that can provide the latest in information and help alleviate a lot, if not most, of the Symptoms that women will suffer from.

Menopause Counselling Center

Support groups are important on a lot of levels. It can be extremely cathartic to talk with other people who are experiencing, if not the same Symptoms, then at least similar experiences to yourself. It helps you to feel as if you are not alone. Don’t we all want that?

Community Support Groups also provide feedback from other women as to how they are coping with Menopause. Being able to talk openly and without recrimination or fear of judgement is extremely liberating and all women have the right to experience this.

Menopause can happen at any age after puberty, although the average age is seemingly 45-50, there are some women who start Menopause in there 20’s. So, just imagine how helpful it would be for these women to have a Support Group? Unfortunately there is a stigma and silence associated with Menopause. Community Support Groups would help to break this Stigma and Silence.
The MRCW – We’re Here to Help

Menopause can be an extremely confronting and confusing time not only for women, but also for the people who care about them. It hasn’t been easy to find simple to understand, straightforward and comprehensive information about Menopause all in one place – until now. At the Menopause Resource Centre, we work really hard to make things easier for you, so that hopefully, in a relatively short period of time, you can know more about your options, so that you can be informed and feel more empowered.